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Heat Sink Plane

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Heat Sink Plane

│ Description │
The product is Eco-friendly and Semi-permanent made by using stainless steel. Due to heat to prevent burn and damage to the kitchen furniture.

│ Installation │
Attached to the surface of the marble behind the gas stove

│ Consists │
Bracket, Heat Sink

│ Material │
Stainless steel, Steel Magnet

│ Dimensions │
600, 730W x 77H x 10,25D

We are specialized in home furniture hardware and kitchen furniture accessories processing company. Since it was founded in 1989 , Bong Jeok has grown to become the largest producer of stainless wire and aluminum accessories of kitchen and in Korea through the best quality and the best service. However, the current of the times is calling forchange. Our customers now have more diverse values and lifestyles in an aging society with a declining birthrate. As we established Design Institute of Life Products in 2009 , we focus to develop various kinds of products and Registered many patents for a new invention in Korean intellectual property office and New design in Korean intellectual property office as well. For customers happiness in the kitchen , Bong Jeok, will not afraid to invest develop of New product and researching market. Bong Jeok will try to be the best all that time and We promise that we will do our best effort for you. Thank you